Building Friendly GIS Solutions

FieldTRAKS Solutions provides web-based spatial information data collection and reporting systems.

Our applications are designed to help customers collect, manage and report in-field data that meets their direct business requirements and to utilize this information for improved operational performance and accountability.

Our applications and technology components are well suited for businesses and organizations that require a spatial data collection & reporting solution that can be easily tailored to their business requirements, can be integrated with other business systems and can be deployed on a wide range of platforms.

Our Services

Whether you are looking for assistance with building your own FieldTRAKS application or you are looking for an end-to-end solution hosted by FieldTRAKS, you can rely on our Professional Services.

FieldTRAKS offers a broad range of services ranging from architecture design and business needs analysis through to application programming using our expertise in .NET, WPF, XML, MySQL and open standards.

The foundation of our services is construction of open enterprise web GIS solutions that focus on data collection, data management, mapping, reporting and integration with other business systems.

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Our Products

For Application Developers we provide .NET application development components for construction of interactive web mapping solutions capable of recording geographic data through a map window and connected with an open databases such MySQL.

More About Our Technology Products

Our components have been used to construct industry solutions capable of delivering a broad range of services in both agriculture and oil/gas pipeline sectors.

More About Our Industry Solutions

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Explore Industry Application Solutions for:


FieldTRAKS Agriculture is a web-based record management solution for anyone involved in agriculture. It is used for Scouting, Contract Management, Traceability, Inventory Control, Market Analysis and many other other roles where in-field data is required.


FieldTRAKS Pipeline Integrity Management solutions streamline in-field data collection activities and improve reporting capabilities. Technical data sheets collected in the field are securely stored online providing project staff and clients the ability to remotely maintain project data and access formatted reports.


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